Here are just some of the services that I regularly deal with in and around Canterbury:

Taps – if your tap has started dripping it can become very annoying hearing a constant dripping sound, we can try and change the tap washer or sometimes it’s best to replace the old tap with new tap which should come with a 5 year guarantee.

Toilets- your toilet has stopped flushing or there is water constantly running into the toilet pan, or you just want a new toilet installed we offer excellent prices and guarantees so the problems don’t come back.

leaks – a leak can start anytime and very unexpectedly, a small weep will only get worse and the sooner you solve the leak the cheaper and less damage is done.

Loft ball valves – your overflow pipe outside is constantly running, this normally means the ball valve is beginning to fail, we would recommend replacing the ball valve.

Install washing machines/ dishwashers – you may want your machine relocated in the house/garage or your current washing machine is leaking we can solve this for you. You may have moved home and just want your appliances installed professionally.

Unblock drains or toilets – sometimes drains can get blocked, we can solve blocked pipes or toilets.

Install old side taps – we can install outside taps for those keen gardeners or if it’s just for cleaning your car.

Shower installs – either replacing an old shower or want a new one installed, speak to us to provide you with expert advice.

Fix or repair showers – your shower has decided not to mix hot and cold, shower seals have become Brittle and started leaking.

Baths or shower – weather you have a leaking bath/ shower which maybe leaking because of old warn out silicone, bath/ shower trap has started leaking, or new taps need installing we can fix these issues very easily and at very good prices.

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